Over recent years the Hospitality Industry has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of Coffee Shops and Cafés/Patisseries opening across the UK, to the point where our local high streets are littered with them for you to choose from. The majority of these establishments have moved away from the typical greasy spoon Café and more towards a metro-lounge that we flock in our drones, for our daily caffeine fix and to socialise.

Initially many of the larger established Coffee Shop chains such as, Costa or Starbucks utilised refrigerated display's to merchandise their cakes and treats. But more recently there seems to be a trend were they are opting for dry/ambient Cake Display's. By doing so, their food/treats offering has changed to a variety of cakes, biscuits, pastries and baked goods. The main reason for this is that the food can now be stored at room temperature and uncovered for a long period of time without going stale. This in turn reduces wastage and maximises profits.

This change in the demand by the market has prompted us to design and produce our own range of Ambient Counter-Top Cake Display's. We are confident that our Ambient Counter-Top Cake Display's would be a beautiful centre piece in any Coffeeshop, Café or Bakery. Currently we have two ranges available which are; Standard Display's or Display's with a Mid-Shelf. All of our ranges benefit from the following:

No Running Costs

Unlike refrigerated alternatives, our displays eliminate all the running costs and the periodic maintenance required as there are no moving parts, so no break downs. Another benefit from not having a refrigerated unit is that there is no noise and additional heat that generally ruins the ambiance in a Coffee Shop.

Versatile & Sleek Design

The aim of our display's is that they can be easily positioned and re-positioned around the counter area. There are multiple finishes for the base of our display's, this means you can match your existing counter of make the display a feature that really stands out! Click here to see the finishes/colours available.

Hygienic & Well Built

Our display's are designed to be extremely durable and hygienic. We use the best materials possible for the intended use. For example, we use toughened glass rather than Acrylic or Perspex to avoid milking and because it remains crystal clear. Our bases are made from hard wearing laminates that are Food Safe and easily wiped down when cleaning.

Take a look at our Gallery of previous displays we have previously made.